Anti-PEG Antibody detection Kits

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)  can stabilize and prolong the therapeutic efficacy of biological drugs.  PEG-associated products and drugs including COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, could cause severe  allergic reactions called anaphylaxis, which is life threatening. Detection of preexisting and/or induced anti-PEG IgE can identify vulnerable individuals who are hypersensitive to PEG and PEG-contained vaccines and drugs. This detection can improve PEG -related drug safety, which should not be ignored (See more in Literature).

Skin testing, both skin prick testing and intradermal testing, are widely used for screening type I hypersensitivity. However, this kind of testing itself could induce systemic reaction, including anaphylaxis.¬† ¬†Recently, the World Allergy Organization Anaphylaxis Committee “advise clinicians to consider obtaining venous access prior to skin testing with PEGs, in patients with a history of possible anaphylaxis to PEG” (Turner, et al. 2021). Thanks to the patented technologies, our products can now be used for blood-based assays of anti-PEG antibodies with unbeatable accuracy, sensitivity and specificity.

PEG specific IgE detection Kit is a first-in-class product.

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LLTPEG-000Ehuman PEG IgE detection kit, RUO/2-3weeksKitOrder
LLTPEG-000Ghuman PEG IgG detection kit, RUO/2-3weeksKitOrder
LLTPEG-000Mhuman PEG IgM detection kit, RUO/2-3weeksKitOrder
LLTPS-000Ehuman PEG IgE standard, RUO/in stockeaOrder
LLTPS-000Ghuman PEG IgG standard, RUO/in stockeaOrder
LLTPS-000Mhuman PEG IgM standard, RUO/in stockeaOrder
LLTPS-0003human PEG IgM, IgG and IgE combined standard set, RUO/in stockeaOrder
LLTSN-0000human PEG IgE negative serum, RUO/in stockeaOrder
LLTSP-000Ehuman PEG IgE positive serum, RUO/in stockeaOrder