Anti-PEG Antibody detection Kits

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)  is widely used in our daily life products. It can prolong therapeutic efficacy and alleviate immunoreactions of biological drugs.  PEG-associated COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cause rare but severe  allergic reactions including anaphylaxis, which is life threatening. Detection of preexisting and/or induced anti-PEG IgE can identify vulnerable individuals who are hypersensitive to PEG and PEG-contained vaccines and drugs. This detection can improve PEG -related drug safety, which should not be ignored (See more in Literature).

Skin testing, both skin prick testing and intradermal testing, are widely used for screening type I hypersensitivity. However, this kind of testing itself requires sophisticated skills and standard protocol and sometimes it could induce severe systemic reactions in patients, including anaphylaxis.   Recently, the World Allergy Organization Anaphylaxis Committee “advise clinicians to consider obtaining venous access (blood test) prior to skin testing with PEGs, in patients with a history of possible anaphylaxis to PEG” (Turner, et al. 2021). Thanks to a patent technology, our first-in-the-art commercial anti-PEG kits using double bead-based flow assays for anti-PEG antibodies can achieve unbeatable accuracy, sensitivity and specificity.

PEG specific IgE detection Kit is a first-in-class commercial product.

Free sample of PEG antibody detection is available per request.

Catalog NumberDescription/ETASizeDatasheet
human PEG IgE detection kit, RUO/2-3weeksKitdatasheet
LLTPEG-000Ghuman PEG IgG detection kit, RUO/2-3weeksKitdatasheet
LLTPEG-000Mhuman PEG IgM detection kit, RUO/2-3weeksKitdatasheet