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A sensitive, specific and accurate measurement is critical for diagnosis and therapy. However, the inherent  complexity of biological sample leads to inconsistent assay background which can severely interfere with target analyte measurement. This interference could be magnified when the analyte is of ultra low abundance, yet playing significant role. For instance, anaphylaxis is life threatening and occur unexpectedly.  Ideally, preexisting allergen-specific IgE can be detected to screen out vulnerable individuals. However, due to low level nature,  many allergen-specific IgEs are mismeasured  or ignored as none, putting certain people at great risk of anaphylaxis.  Proprietary technology (patent pending)  MatrixClean™ recently came into practice  and successfully detects and quantifies ultralow level of analytes.  Preventing anaphylaxis  is just one example of many applications. In fact, this ultra sensitive and specific technology can be applied in  early diagnosis of many severe diseases including cancer and SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV)-associated COVID-19.

The advantages of  MatrixClean™ technology include, but are not limited to, the followings.

  • Unmet accuracy
  • Ultra sensitive
  • Hidden risk factor revealed
  • Early diagnosis
  • Microliter volume sample
  • High through-put
  • Multiplex