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Anaphylaxis and cytokine storm  occur unexpectedly  with bio-therapy and are life threatening even fatal.  Allergen-specific IgEs are usually involved in anaphylaxis. A solid positive result of blood test can screen out vulnerable  individuals potentially hypersensitive to specific drugs or chemicals. However, due to their ultra low levels, many allergen-specific IgEs are mismeasured  or reported as non measurable. MatrixClean™, a proprietary technology (patent pending)  made it possible to detect and quantify ultra-low level of analytes from complicated bio liquids and tissues.  Prediction of potential anaphylaxis  is just one example of many applications of MatrixClean™ technology in biomedical research and diagnostics.

The inherent heterogeneity of biological sample leads to inconsistent background which could severely interfere with the measure data of same analytes in different individuals.  This interference could be magnified when the target analyte level is ultra low. MatrixClean™ technology  efficiently and radically addresses this issue.

The platforms built on  MatrixClean™ technology may quantify unmeasured analytes ever before and provide accurate data ever mis-measured.  Since multiple data sets can be simultaneously generated from huge sample size,  these platforms are feasible for multiple analyte measurements and group marker diagnostics.

  • Built-in huge sample size
  • Unmet accuracy
  • Ultra sensitive
  • Wide range
  • Multiplex